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July 17, 2024 – Introducing The Spiritual Concierge, a refreshing blog dedicated to unique wellness explorations. Covering topics from plant medicines to holistic health, The Spiritual Concierge offers a blend of humor, honesty, and profound insights that set it apart from conventional wellness blogs. As people increasingly seek to heal root causes, unconventional wellness approaches are gaining popularity. Available in 92 languages, The Spiritual Concierge brings insights from lifestyle experts in these arenas who have profoundly impacted lives, offering thoughtful explorations into wholeness.

Readers can delve into interviews with inspiring and knowledgeable individuals in the wellness space, such as Dr. Jeff McNairy, Chief Medical Officer of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, discussing addiction, healing trauma, and the benefits of ayahuasca; Meg Pearson, breathwork and holistic health practitioner, exploring the benefits of breathwork and body awareness; Johnny Messner, actor and producer, sharing his journey with plant medicine and the transformative power of overcoming obstacles and taking back one’s power; Mar Berdejo and Shane Kennedy, co-founders of True Nature, explaining intentional cannabis ceremonies and somatic work; medicine woman Mariah Gannessa, discussing Four Visions apothecary and its integration programs; and Liz Bowles, highlighting the Magic Fund's charity outreach to women in the Putomayo region of Colombia.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Spiritual Concierge is the incredible giveaways. Throughout the year, readers have the chance to win free trips to luxury retreats, breathwork packages, cannabis meditations, and more. To enter, follow The Spiritual Concierge on Instagram and sign up for the e-newsletter.

In line with its commitment to whole-body wellness, The Spiritual Concierge is thrilled to announce the addition of Ache Oil to The Shop. Developed in partnership with a medicine woman who specializes in natural pain remedies, and spent years studying under herbalists in the heart of the Amazon jungle, this topical botanical medicine addresses a range of ailments. Ache Oil is crafted with 11 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, frankincense, marjoram, chamomile, wintergreen, basil, cilantro, rosemary, eucalyptus, and spearmint. This potent and highly effective blend is ideal for muscle aches, headaches, sinus issues, and body stiffness. Ache Oil is available for $45 plus taxes and shipping.

The Spiritual Concierge invites readers to join their growing community of wellness enthusiasts and seekers. With a blend of holistic products, expert advice, premium giveaways, and a touch of humor, The Spiritual Concierge aims to make the journey to wellness accessible and enjoyable. By following the blog, Instagram, and signing up for the e-newsletter, readers can stay updated on the latest content, giveaways, and more.

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The Spiritual Concierge is a lifestyle blog dedicated to exploring spirituality, balance, and well-being. Offering candid conversations, expert interviews, and a range of articles that cover various aspects of wellness, The Spiritual Concierge shares personal journeys and the wisdom of experts encountered along the way, aiming to help readers uncomplicate their approaches to focus, balance, and fun.

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